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Damaged & Lost Books...
In the recent year, we have experienced a record number of library books returned damaged by food or liquid.  It happens. Despite our best efforts a book gets ripped by a younger sibling, chewed by the dog, damaged by a juice or water spill in a child's backpack, thrown out with the stack of newspapers, left out in the rain, left on the bus -- we have heard everything and sympathize and try to be gentle with the children when they tell us what happened.

All books are checked for damage when they are returned.  If damage is minor and the material can still be used, we do not ask for payment, but we will give a reminder about proper care.  A note about the damage is placed inside the book.  Please do not try to repair a damaged book at home. If you or your child notice damage to a book that we have missed, please notify us immediately so we do not think it was damaged while under your child's care.

As a lending library we must ask for the cost of replacing any book that is lost or damaged.  We understand some books are very expensive and we are willing to accept small installments toward the replacement cost. Receipts are given for payments to the library, and if the book is found later and returned in good condition, we happily refund your money. We would rather have the book back than the money! Thanks for helping us keep our collection complete for our students!