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Christa McAuliffe Elementary School is one of three elementary schools in Hastings Public School District 200. It was constructed in 1988 on the western edge of a growing Hastings community on the Mississippi River just 25 miles southeast of the Twin Cities.

Our School serves a population of approximately 510 students, kindergarten through fourth grade, in addition to the District 917 DASH Program.

Community Education sponsors a Kid's Kampus program, which provides before and after school daycare for our students on site.
Christa McAuliffe Elementary is proud of its highly professional teaching staff with over 85% achieving a Master's Degree or beyond. It is a caring and nurturing learning environment for children. Our staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality education for all students.

Parents are actively involved in the education of their children through ongoing communication with staff, participation in the Christa McAuliffe Parent Teacher Connection (PTC), and by volunteering at school.

Christa McAuliffe Elementary has traditional elementary classrooms with a diverse range of teaching styles and methods. A comprehensive, district adopted curriculum is used with an emphasis on basic skill development in reading and language arts, math, social studies, and science.

The unique needs of special students are supported by regular and special education teachers, both in and out of the classroom.

Students at Christa McAuliffe Elementary enjoy high quality specialist programs as a regular part of the school day:

  • Art
  • Media
  • Physical Education
  • Music, featuring student performance
  • Computer lab with latest technology

Our Mission
Is to challenge and empower each learner with knowledge, skills and attitudes for success.

Our Motto
Reach for the stars and touch the future.

Our Beliefs
As a community of learners, including students, families, staff and volunteers, we believe in:

  • Providing an academic foundation for all learners by developing the skills necessary to be successful in an ever changing world.
  • Providing a safe, comfortable and caring environment that encourages risk taking by inviting, exploring, and respecting new ideas.
  • Nurturing a positive, joyful environment, alive with learning, building confidence and enhancing self-esteem.
  • Accepting responsibility for ourselves academically and socially and enhancing positive character traits such as respect, cooperation and truthfulness.
  • Providing open communication between school and home, and strongly encouraging parental involvement to insure an effective learning experience for each family.
  • Providing a physically and emotionally secure learning environment.
  • Striving to respect diversity and uniqueness for the enhancement it brings to learning and to our lives.

Map of School District
map showing location of McAuliffe